What We’re About

Quality Technology – Superior Service

20 Years of supporting local business.

CortexIT began as Cortex Microsystems back in 1999. Simply, we wanted to supply high quality technology and support to clients in order to meet their business needs.

We know that owning a business can be demanding and requires our clients to operate and manage various areas such as financial, staffing, administration, sales etc. on a daily basis, whilst also focussing on growing their business. Technology underpins all areas of a business and CortexIT strives to understand your individual business requirements so you can utilise technology to simplify and increase the efficiency of your day to day operations. CortexIT is dedicated to providing solutions to enable businesses to manage their IT securely and cost-effectively whilst helping to manage changing technology.

CortexIT currently supports businesses in a wide range of industries including

Electrical – Finance – Automotive – Cosmetic – Hair and Beauty – Manufacturing – Wholesalers-Education – Construction – Industrial

Cortex IT currently supports businesses in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria and when our clients travel overseas, our IT support goes with them.