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CortexIT can recommend, build, supply and configure a large range of Servers. We can also access, upgrade and maintain your current server. If you think your business may require a server or your current server needs replacing or upgrading, we’re able to breathe new life into your data workhorse!

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Workstations / Desktops

We really get a kick out of supplying Workstations and Desktop computer systems. Our focus is on speed and longevity. The systems we install have an average lifespan of 5 years and specialising in business systems is our passion. Whatever your occupation, CortexIT have your system.

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Notebooks / Laptops

CortexIT supply a wide range of laptops and notebooks for personal use, offices, medium businesses and Education environments. We offer the best value notebooks on CortexIT Direct. Just like with our desktop systems, speed, functionality and longevity is our goal.

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Upgrading your computer or notebook now is easier than ever. With SSD technology you can easily breathe new life into your system. You’ll enjoy all the speed of an updated system for a fraction of the cost of a new one. So if you have a slow hard drive, memory or even slow internet, upgrading has many cost and productivity effective benefits.

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Support / Service / Installation

Looking for reliable and friendly technical service from professional trusted technicians? You’ve found them! CortexIT will support, repair and maintain your systems and network effectively and competently. We believe in you and your business getting the most value and service out of the technology you buy and use. We can provide cost effective and friendly technical support via remote connection, phone or onsite visit.

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Is your wireless internet struggling to cover all the required areas of your home and/ or office? CortexIT have the solution for you. From a single high speed access point to complete cabling of your new or existing office, we can ensure you receive fast and effective wireless coverage and connectivity. CortexIT can update, repair and configure your network to ensure you’re receiving the network and internet speed you need.

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Internet Security

Internet Security is one of the most in demand areas of business technology. CortexIT can provide cost effective solutions to protect your business data and communications. We use monitored DNS Internet Protection and Anti-Virus solutions from global technology leaders. These solutions will give you and your business the security and confidence to operate your business wherever you are.

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Office 365 / Cloud

Cloud services are the inevitable future of data storage. CortexIT can migrate your day to day applications, email and business data to secure cloud providers or to your own hosted server. The benefits of cloud based services give you the freedom to work on the road, from home, in the office, interstate or overseas. Looking to move your email to Office 365 or your data and backup to Cloud storage? CortexIT can sort it.

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IT Management
We know IT support has changed. Clients expect competitive costs and minimal disruption. CortexIT understands businesses are individual, like the staff they employ. No matter what the size, we can offer cost effective management of your business, giving you the ability to focus on what you do best, knowing that as you grow, your IT support grows with you.
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Email Services

Need to get more client coverage or want to tell people exactly what you do / can do? CortexIT offer email advertising campaigns and support, we can put you on the right path to grow your business whichever direction you choose. Target clients with confidence and get full reporting data so you can build and improve on customer experiences.

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NBN Internet

Looking for business grade NBN internet without the business grade costs? CortexIT is an agent for high speed business grade NBN connections. Best of all we manage the whole process and constantly keep you informed along the way.

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Voice over Internet Protocol. This is soon becoming the standard for phone communications. CortexIT can offer VoIP solutions from 3CX and others for your business needs. From a single phone to 20+ we have cost effective options for cloud based or site based VoIP phones.
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RPDT – Remote Profile and Data Transfer

CortexIT know it’s a daunting prospect getting new technology and changing the data – emails – shortcuts – applications. We can help! We transfer all your current backed up data and recreate your profile –  as close as possible, all for a fixed price. Buy a system at CortexIT and choose RPDT. We will contact you to access your most current backup remotely or onsite, then transfer data and / or applications to your new system so you can pick up where you left off! Connection and data limits apply.
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